Recent Work

During the ski season of 2019, Openwater Films worked with Raleigh, NC based snow sport travel company, Action Ski to create an “Our Story” video for their website. The main goal for our team was to capture and produce a video that conveyed not only the excitement and thrill of snow sports, but also the history and unique vibe that underpins Action Ski’s family centric business model. This video was part of a digital marketing overhaul by the company to broaden their reach into the digital world with exciting and informative marketing media content. More On This Project


Openwater Films was founded by brothers John and Cameron Luck with one major goal: to create visually stunning and impactful content that has purpose. We want to create media that not only shows people your brand, but drives them to learn more about it, and explore how it might benefit them. Video is the future, and Openwater Films is here to give you the content your company deserves. More About Us


Openwater Films uses cutting-edge filmmaking techniques, story development, and cinema quality production to develop creative media content specific to your brand’s needs. We have a passion for growth, a dedication to our craft, and a habit for continuously outdoing ourselves. Through this mentality, we are here to stimulate creativity and help you maximize your brand’s potential.