Action Ski: Our Story

Bringing Action Ski’s story to life.

During the ski season of 2019, Openwater Films worked with Raleigh, NC based snow sport travel company, Action Ski to create an “Our Story” video for their website. The main goal for our team was to capture and produce a video that conveyed not only the excitement and thrill of snow sports, but also the history and unique vibe that underpins Action Ski’s family centric business model. This video was part of a digital marketing overhaul by the company to broaden their reach into the digital world with exciting and informative marketing media content.

This video was filmed on a Canon C200 using several Canon LII EF lenses. Our primary rig was a FREEFLY MōVI Pro gimbal though we also frequently used a Manfrotto Tripod for stationary shots. Much of what we were capturing was done in the moment, with little to no scene preparation. In Action Ski’s shop, staff were actively preparing for a weekend trip, leaving little opportunity for second takes. We had to be creatively on our toes, predicting and snagging unique angles before they vanished. Similarly, we traveled with an Action Ski group up to Wintergreen Resort to capture what the process would look like once a client arrived at the slope. Filming on the mountain required incredible mental flexibility and an ability to discern what shots were valuable and which were not in order to maximize our time. In the end, we were able to provide Action Ski with a product that we both were proud of and look forward to working with them in the future.